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Perma-Wood Non-Toxic Wood Preservative
Perma-Wood Non-Toxic Wood Preservative
Perma-Wood Non-Toxic Wood Preservative
Perma-Wood Non-Toxic Wood Preservative

5 Gallon

One Time Lifetime Treatment!

The ultimate in WOOD PRESERVATION. This dynamic product triggers the early stages of WOOD PETRIFACTION. Perma-Wood® is a PENETRANT, not a coating. Treat your OLD OR NEW deck, dock, fence, outdoor furniture, equine center and any other wooden or bamboo construction with this dynamic Cedar Oil and Silicone solution. This product also successfully seals up concrete-brick-stucco & cinder block as well as wood and concrete roofing materials. Perma-Wood® ‘s unique penetrating ability gets to the core of the wood and delivers a water, insect and decay proof treatment that will eliminate splitting, checking, cupping and expansion or contraction of the wood. Fastener rejection is eliminated. Strength is increased by fiber and cellular adhesion.

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A One Time, Lifetime Treatment for Decks Docks and Fences. PERMA-WOOD™ Penetrant and Stabilizer Triggers Early Stages of Wood Petrification, Eliminates Warping, Splitting and Cupping.

Our cedar oil based, organic wood treatment products are safe and non toxic to people, pets and the planet. Our natural products offer homeowners treated wood alternatives that are 100% non toxic. All of our non toxic wood treatment products for deck and garden applications feature perpetual protection from mold, mildew, wood rot and fungal attack due to the lack of water and moisture.



Treated Wood Alternatives That are 100% Non Toxic For Deck and Garden Applications.permawood

Scientific Environmental Products, offers homeowners a non toxic, wood treatment product, called Perma-Wood, it’s ideal for deck waterproofing. Whether you wish to treat a wood deck, wood fence, wood dock or wood posts with a non toxic natural wood  treatment or you are seeking a deck seal, deck stain, exterior wood stain or fence stain, our products are the first step to long lasting wood preservation. If your project includes deck refinishing, deck maintenance or sealing pressure treated wood, we can help. Customers often ask us how to stain a wood deck or how to stain a wood fence or which is the best deck seal or best deck stain. If you want your work and investment to last a lifetime the best stain finish starts with Perma-Wood, Deck, Dock and Fence, an environmentally friendly wood sealer that stabilizes and waterproofs the wood from the inside out.

The Science Behind Perma-Wood‘s Treated Wood Alternatives are 100% Non Toxic.

All woods and bamboo contain two different forms of moisture. They are referred to as “FREE WATER and BOUND WATER”. Free water harbors in the fiber structure of the wood. Bound water is found in the Hydroxyl molecule that is the sole make up of cellular compounds. A hydroxyl molecule has two tails. A hydrogen tail and a oxygen tail. The uptake of these two compounds creates H2O or water. Expansion and contraction of wood is created when the hydroxyl molecules take on more or less airborne or liquid moisture. Perma-Wood is a solvent treatment. Solvents will instantly displace free water from the fiber structure of wood. Certain salines used in the Perma-Wood formulation are water scavengers. Since they are of extremely low molecular weight they are capable of penetrating the cell wall structure of the molecule and attacking the water inside the molecule. The water is then replaced with a Si-Jel Matrix, a pliable silicone compound made up of silicone and cedar oil. This phenomenon is created by a catalytic conversion that uses the bound water to trigger a hydrophobic reaction inside the hydroxyl molecule. The un-utilized and excess water is then released and exits the wood in the form of ethanol gas. The Cedar Oil component of the formulation is a synergism which allows the solution to bond with the water and subsequently water proofs the wood from the inside out.  Perma-Wood provides further protection by resisting mold, mildew dry rot and decay, again due to lack of moisture.



Summary: When the hydroxyl group molecule is stabilized, the wood is moisture free. The hydrogen and oxygen tails of the molecule are sealed from liquid or air borne moisture and cannot expand or contract as they would in non-stabilized wood. Stabilized wood cannot move and therefore no cracking, splitting, cupping or warping will take place. Fastener rejection is eliminated. Subsequently, the absence of moisture becomes the absence of issues as the early stages of wood Petrification are triggered. Petrified wood is moisture free wood laced with silicone deposits. The cedar oil component of the formulation is encapsulated in the wood and provides perpetual protection from mold, mildew, and wood rot, again due to the lack of water and moisture.

Scientific Environmental Product’s Perma-Wood a “Chemical Free Wood Preservative Solution”

This dynamic product is the advancement of a Prior Art, solvent based wood treatment, used in the early years of the Twentieth Century and discontinued with the onset of the USA- FIFRA registration issues of the Mid Fifties. Cedar Industries, in concert with GT Products Company, a specialty Silane (quartz rock) manufacturer in Texas, and with the use of a hydrocarbon carrier developed by Conoco Phillips Petroleum Company, has invented and produced a next generation solvent based wood preservative utilizing politically correct Green components, the basis of this dynamic product.

The process theory of Scientific Environmental Product’s Perma-Wood is simple. The introduction of a highly penetrating natural solvent cross-linked with Cedar Oil

Dr. Glassel Develops Cedar Oil and Silane (quartz rock) to the wood cellular structure succeeds in the closing and drying of the Hydrogen tails of the Hydroxyl Molecular group found in wood lake-arrowhead-geoiga-boat-dockmedia. The closure of the molecule chain eliminates the opportunity of the media to harbor moisture content either in airborne (humidity) or liquid form. This results in dimensional stability, water resistance and pest control. Penetration with the proprietary hydrocarbon solvent displaces existing moisture content in the wood which results in Kiln-less Drying, an instant evacuation and exodus of H2O compounds from the media. Unlike aqueous treatments that are subject to entry and exit by moisture and the continuous leaching of toxins, water can never displace a solvent carrier from its impregnation to wood cellular. After entry to the wood through the vascular feeding system, (summer sap ring) and migration to the adjoining sap wood, (winter sapwood ring) the annular growth rings are sealed using the trees own resins as a catalyst that forms a waxy like substance in the media cellular structure. This enhancement mirrors that of internal gluing or the addition of steel plates to the wood, strengthening the composition and limiting the flexibility of the wood. The scientific data relating to Scientific Environmental Product’s Perma-Wood claims are published in six patents filed Nationally and Internationally on the 17th day of December, 2004. Scientific Environmental Product’s Perma-Wood can be used as a wood preservative on closed cell woods including but not limited to Black Spruce. Scientific Environmental Product”s Perma-Wood is effective in treating all types of Hardwoods and Softwoods.

How This Product Works:

Perma-Wood’s solution penetrates the cellular structure of green or kiln dried timber and wood media derivatives such as OSB and particle board. Perma-Wood’s proprietary non VOC solvents cross linked to specially refined red cedar wood oil turpenes and siloxene synergist, displace moisture while entering all wood structure through their vascular system.

Perma-Wood carriers deliver the antimicrobial and termicidal agents to the wood cell structure where it is encapsulated and solidified by permeable silicone molecules. Natural wood oils are transformed to a wax-like consistency similar to glue which mirrors the effect of an internal adhesive increasing the solidity of the treated product. Perma-Wood treated wood fibers resist efforts of all cellulose consuming insects and moisture borne fungal and decay organisms. Perma-Wood treatments result in water resistant and dimensionally controlled building material for above ground and subterranean construction. Paint or stain ready in 72 hours. There is no offensive odor or transferable residue associated with Perma-Wood. All components are FDA, GRAS and EPA 25b list approved as minimum risk pesticides authorized by the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996.

How To Use This Product on Dry and Green Wood:

Brush – Apply liberally from both sides and ends. Keep the surface soaked or wet until absorption reaches the level of penetration desired.

Roller – Apply with heavy knap roller keeping all surface area wet until absorption reaches the degree of penetration desired.

Spray or Airless – Apply repeatedly with heavy coats to point of run off. Stacked lumber should be separated with slats between layers. Spray ends and all surfaces until absorption reaches the degree of penetration desired.

Submersion – The most desired method to treat green and wet material for drying or preserving structural lumber, plywood sheet products, oriented strand board, particle board, rail road ties, fencing material and wood flooring products. The use of masonry mud boxes, stock tanks and open barrels where total submersion from one or both ends is desirable. Treated material can be reversed for full coverage. Horizontal treatments require weight to offset buoyancy issues. Submersion times from 15 minutes to 1 hour are recommended as seen on the chart below. Excess submersion may or may not enhance performance however, is never detrimental to the objective. Does not compromise pre-treated surfaces such as hardwood floor or laminates.

Pressure Treatment – Standard pressure over vacuum or isolated pressure treatment protocol can be used with Scientific Environmental Product”s Perma-Wood wood preservatives. wood-fence-2Minimal exposure is required as there is no cellular rejection of foreign objects as with aqueous penetrates. Resistance is minimum to the highly acute cedar oil turpene extracts and silicone compound. Elapsed vessel time is suggested at 15 minutes. Normal pressure treatment protocol should be calculated subject to equipment manufacturers’ instructions.

Evacuation – Drip dry time of 3 to 5 minutes is recommended for salvage of unused Scientific Environmental Product’s Perma-Wood solution. Stack time of 1 hour is suggested, however not required as Scientific Environmental Product’s Perma-Wood cures are triggered by catalytic reactions from oxygen.

Desired Penetration – Total dimensional control is obtained with complete penetration. Insect, fungal and decay control can be achieved with partial penetration. Construction window treatments of minimum penetration will provide water and surface mold resistance for up to 90 days. Suggests a minimum of 10 minutes for satisfactory results of all treatment objectives.

Cedar Oil is unique in the fact that it is a Natural Termiticide and Fungicide. Scientific studies conducted by Dr. Robert Adams of Baylor University in Waco, Texas support this claim as noted in his 1992 publications. In the Dow Corning Technology, Silanes, a derivative of Quartz, are cross-linked to the Cedar Oil. They also provide moisture protection to the cell walls of the wood. Our technology is considered NANO and the delivery of our treatment solution is instrumental in the penetration of the hydroxyl group molecular structure where upon entrance it becomes a water scavenger, completely eliminating any free or bound water in the wood. The hydrogen tail of the molecule is then collapsed and no further moisture can enter the wood cellular structure, thus leaving the media 100% dimensionally stable. A objective not obtainable with kiln dry methods. The “Absence of Moisture is the Absence of Issues” relates Glassel. Without moisture there can be no expansion and contraction, decay or insect attack. “The science of the invention triggers the petrification of wood” quotes Dr. George Jenkins of the University of New Brunswick, noted Canadian Wood Scientist.

Texas A & M University has been using Silane wood treatment technology for twenty years. C. Wayne Smith who heads up the Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory in College Station, Texas recently published a book relating to the use of Silicon products for the preservation of artifacts and recovered shipwrecks. When asked to comment on the use of the Scientific Environmental Product’s Perma-Wood wood protection products in Railroad Ties, Utility Poles, Deck-Dock-Fence materials his reply was, “It is the SILVER BULLET the industry has been waiting for Scott Miller, Application Engineer for Dow Corning agrees with Smith and has committed Dow Corning and its Scientists to the support of Next Generation Cedar Oil and Silicon products specifically designed for the preservation of wood and bamboo.

Before You Paint or Stain, Waterproof Exterior Wood From The Inside Out With Our 100% Non Toxic Wood Treatment Product Called Perma-Wood.

Our cedar oil based, organic wood treatment products are safe and non toxic to people, pets and the planet. Our natural pesticides offer homeowners treated wood alternatives that are 100% non toxic. All of our non toxic wood treatment products for deck and garden applications feature perpetual protection from termites, carpenter ants, wood rot and fungal attack due to the lack of water and moisture.


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