Stay protected wherever you go, with travel size KILLSHOT Insect spray and KILLSHOT TickGuard, perfect for your purses, pockets, luggage and backpacks.


Personal Protection Indoor Insect

Killshot® is an all-natural insect repellent has a 100% kill rate for mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, flies, chiggers and many other pests.

  •  Kills & repels on contact
  •  Safe for children & pets
  •  Treats infestations
  •  100% natural ingredients
  •  Earth Friendly
  •  Dries clear & will not stain clothes or furniture
  •  Kills larvae, eggs & adult insects
  •  Fresh, Cedar smell


Travel Bed Bug Kits

KILLSHOT® a proven Bed Bug Spray that kills bed bugs on first contact, goes where toxic chemicals never go. KILLSHOT® never allows the eggs to hatch by dissolving their protective casing and killing the egg itself. KILLSHOT® an amazing product that will not stain, mar or damage the finest of lingerie, the most colorful of clothes, furniture, or electronics and leaves a fresh Cedar fragrance smell.


TickGuard Extra Strength

This product is ideal for heavily wooded areas and will protect people and pets from biting insects such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, ants, mites, No-See-Um’s, bed bugs and may others. Made with all-natural, food grade ingredients, TickGuard is safe to use around people, pets and the environment.


  •  Kills and repels insects on contact
  •  Safe for children and pets
  •  Earth friendly
  •  100% natural ingredients
  •  Dries clear & will not stain clothes or furniture
  •  Kills larvae, eggs & adult insects
  •  Fresh, Cedar smell


Tri-Jet Fogger

We have investigated many Foggers here in the U.S. and abroad and finally had to get together with a manufacture to create one with the specifications to deliver our product effectively to any insects spiracles. It had deliver a droplet size of 4-7 micron VMD, adjustable

About Non-Thermo Fogger & Fogging:

The Non-Thermo Fogger is designed with a three (3) counter-rotating vortex nozzles, for the control of flying or crawling insects and other pests that inhabit your home or structures. This lightweight six pound hand held ULTRA LOW VOLUME non thermal fogger emits a “Chemical Free” COLD FOG that will penetrate the hardest to reach points in your home, barn, yard, vegetable garden or poultry house. Easy to carry about or just set it up as a stationary unit on your back porch to rid your space from mosquitoes, no-see-um, fleas and other pests. Use it to rid your central heat and air conditioning duct work of dust or other type mites and odor causing bacteria.