Stop Bed Bugs from Hitchhiking with You
On Your Personal or Business Trips
KILLSHOT™® 2oz. & 4oz.  &  NOW New Release 8 oz. LUGGAGE BARRIER SPRAYS
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SCIENTIFIC ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS, is releasing a new personal travel kit, consisting of a 2oz. and 4oz. KILLSHOT™® Luggage Spray. NOW, the addition of the 8oz  bottle available commercially in case lots or personal packs for your personal protection when traveling, or as a gift for your traveling friends or other family members.

Whether traveling by Land, Sea or Air we have the right TSA approved sized spray kits for you.  Be prepared for the unexpected situations of ‘Bed Bugs’, no matter where you’re going or staying.  KILLSHOT™® is an environmental friendly, totally green Product, that will protect you, your family and pets, by Killing Bed Bugs and their eggs within seconds of application, and is the only scientifically proven Bed Bug Spray that leaves a residual protection barrier that continues to protect.  KILLSHOT™® will not stain, mar or damage cloths, furniture, or electronics.

travel-kit-01-miniScientific Environmental Products LLC. would like to help individuals like you, with your personal and business travel preparations and to avoid the serious Bed Bug epidemic that has been changing so many lives here in the U.S. and abroad.  Bed Bugs have become a serious public awareness development and one which can destroy a family’s lively hood, as well as their bank accounts.   KILLSHOT™® a very unique product which can eliminate the transferring of Bed Bugs from one location to another no matter where you are around the world.  NOW, you can have the Ultimate in an on the spot Bed Bug elimination spray product and one that will prevent the unwanted parasites from a free ride back to your home.

travel-kit-02-miniEntomologists and Pest control experts have released the results of a new survey that expect Bed Bugs to spread during the upcoming holiday travel season, and Hotel Luggage Transporting is considered by far the greatest risk of exposure to the fast-spreading parasite. As the National Pest Management Association has reported a 71 percent increase in bedbug reports from 2000 to 2009 and a rate of hotel infestations at 67 percent increase in 2010, it is imperative that travelers protect themselves against these unwanted pests. Experts have noted that most Bed Bugs are homegrown right here in the U.S. and are being transferred from one location to another by a person’s personal belongings. Since bedbugs do not fly, they either crawl or they’re carried from place to place in one’s luggage, backpack, clothing, or other personal items.  However, once Bed Bugs have entered your home or business, they become a costly and unwanted guest that never seems to want to leave.

Scientific Environmental Products has a TSA approved 2oz. for air travel and a 4oz. for land and sea travel,  KILLSHOT™® spray should be used on your luggage before leaving home and then again when you’re preparing to return. The 8oz. gives you that extra for the multi-luggage travelers.   Several Prestige Research Laboratories have proclaimed KILLSHOT™® to be the #1 Bio-Based Bed Bug Killer ever formulated, which will provide and maintain the highest levels of effectiveness on all stages of a Bed Bugs life cycles, from their eggs up to the mature reproducing adults.

When KILLSHOT™® is applied to your luggage, an instant death to Bed Bugs will be delivered within seconds, hints the name KILLSHOT! Unlike other proclaimed all-natural Luggage Sprays,KILLSHOT™® has a long lasting residual effect, which gives you and your family’s belongings a continued personal Barrier of Protection against these unwanted parasites.  KILLSHOT™®carries the approval of our nations EPA and FDA Departments, and is registered with the Department of Agriculture. Our product delivers a Totally Green, 100% natural application, whichdoes not contain any dangerous, synthetic, or toxic chemicals, therefore, SAFE for your family members, your pets, and your environment.  “It’s Your Planet….It’s Your Choice”

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